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Enrolling in the Academy allows you to get a behind-the-scenes look at how real and successful defenses operate.

Any time I have downloaded a resource from Coach Simpson’s site it has been instant and error free. Thankful for all the time poured into these resources and packaging them in a way that busy coaches can efficiently use.

Goals of the Academy

Learn at Your Own Pace

The entire goal of this DC Academy is to allow a coach to use a systematic approach to build their own offense. While there are over 12-hours of content, each coach can learn at the pace they choose and skip to sections they want to cover first.


The DC Academy includes multiple coaches with experience coaching at all levels including: Cody Alexander, Tyler Manes, Ty Gower, Jarrod Rickman, PJ Gibbs, Adam Harvey, Terrance Gant and more…

Continual Updates

As the DC Academy continues to grow and add content, your membership will INCLUDE all the content that is added.

You will learn from some experienced play callers from a variety of defensive backgrounds.

Building a defense might sound simple, but there are so many moving parts. It is very difficult to be great at this art.

So, I’ve brought in a few expert coaches to come and have conversations in the Lessons to provide insight into this tough job.

Here are the coaches in the Academy:

  • Cody Alexander
  • P.J. Gibbs
  • Tyler Manes
  • Ty Gower
  • Adam Harvey
  • Jarrod Rickman
  • Tony Adams
  • Terrance Gant
  • Chris Haddad
  • Pat Ruley
  • Tuff Bohannon

By the end of the Academy...

I know that this is the resource I needed when I first started my journey in coaching (and could still benefit from after 20 years of coaching).

Trying to put everything together as the leader of a defense is tough, especially when you don’t know everything you need to focus on.

In life, there’s always a lot of noise you must filter through — my hope is that the Academy and Workbook filter out that noise as you plan your defense and focuses you on the key elements.

So, by the end of the Academy, all your thoughts will be organized in a central location and you’ll have a firm understanding of who your team is and what your defense is going to be.

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What Coaches Are Saying

Jason Burke
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I'm grateful I came across the Defensive Coordinator Workbook. It's been an invaluable resource for me. I'm in my first year as a DC since the Fall of 2011. The Defensive Coordinator Workbook has allowed me the chance to formulate notes and thoughts that would've otherwise been just sheets of looseleaf paper. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be using this resource for years to come.
Scott Przymus
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Coach Simpson is consistently putting together top-notch products that serve all levels of football coaches. The Defensive Coordinator Workbook is great! Not only are the products great, Coach Simpson’s responsiveness is 2nd to none! Keep up the great work Coach!
Michael Behr
Read More
I placed my order and within four days, the workbook was in my mailbox. The Defensive Coordinator Workbook is a great resource to have. You can tweak or adjust any of the forms to fit your exact needs. I recommend this for anyone who is or is aspiring to be a Coordinator.
Chris Beagan
Read More
I consider FBCoachsimpson a tremendous resource for our program. I've ordered several items off of the website and even attended an in-person clinic this spring. Everything is handled professionally, coach centric, and efficiently. Coach Simpson and his staff are first class.


The Academy contains 12 lessons that range from determining how to fit your personnel to scheme to opponent breakdowns and game planning. You will also receive a digital copy of the DC Workbook as well as a certificate for Professional Development.

Yes! That’s why you’ll receive a completely editable copy that comes in PowerPoint. The DC Workbook is fully customizable and when you finish, you’ll have your own complete system to install with your staff and players.

No! While the Academy is designed to help you build your very own system, each lesson is designed with assistants and coordinators in mind. If you’re a coordinator, it’ll also prove beneficial to show these lessons to your assistants.

Your enrollment lasts for one year. We update the Academy every year and add new content with new sections, new trends, and based on feedback.

Why Choose the Academy

This is not a coaching clinic filled with only good ideas, but an organized Academy that allows a coach to build their own offense by the end of it.
With continual updates and quick response time to any issues, the DC Academy is dedicated to helping all coaches maximize their potential.

Trusted by over 1000+ coaches

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