Learn the Secrets of the Trade Inside the Defensive Line Academy

What Every DL Coach Needs

Everything in the DL Academy has one purpose: to support you in every way needed to be the very best DL coach that you can be.

There are tons of different ways to coach and every situation is unique…

But what’s not unique are the keys to success:

  • thorough organization
  • knowing your players’ strengths and weaknesses
  • and a proper teaching progression

The DL Academy shows you how to get all that done with real life tips and tricks from the experts.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 2 hours of content showing you precisely how to plan your entire teaching progression and organization of your DL
  • 4 hours of content giving you insight on how to decide on personnel, drill time, and other useful tips
  • Free digital DL Workbook – editable and printable 
  • Lifetime access! And we’ll continue to add more content based on your feedback and needs.

Any time I have downloaded a resource from Coach Simpson’s site it has been instant and error free. Thankful for all the time poured into these resources and packaging them in a way that busy coaches can efficiently use.

Goals of the Academy

Learn at Your Own Pace

The entire goal of this DL Academy is to allow a coach to use a systematic approach to teaching your defensive lineman. While there are over 6-hours of content, each coach can learn at the pace they choose and skip to sections they want to cover first.


The DL Academy includes multiple coaches with experience coaching at all levels including: Quint Ashburn, XX, and XX.

Real Progress

As the DL Academy gives you the tools in the videos and workbook to keep track of your work and see your progress develop. You'll be able to use each section for years to come and develop your own systemized process.


The Academy contains XX lessons that range from determining how to fit your personnel to scheme to opponent breakdowns and game planning. You will also receive a digital copy of the DL Workbook as well as a certificate for Professional Development.

Yes! That’s why you’ll receive a completely editable copy that comes in PowerPoint. The DL Workbook is fully customizable and when you finish, you’ll have your own complete system to teach and coach your players.

Forever. Once you join, you’ll have access to all current content and any future content we add for free!

Why Choose the Academy

This is not a coaching clinic filled with only good ideas, but an organized Academy that allows a coach to build a unit that works together.
With continual updates and quick response time to any issues, the DL Academy is dedicated to helping all coaches maximize their potential.

Trusted by over 1000+ coaches

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